Help Desk:



Passenger Taxi App

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Step-by-step navigation
  • See where jobs are about to be dispatched
  • Built-in chat with preset notifications
  • Easy to use in-app taximeter
  • Optional cashiering system
  • Silent and discrete alarm button
  • Optionally notify passenger with SMS

Driver Taxi App

  • Book a ride now or later
  • Hail cabs through the app by pressing on a car closest to you
  • Type in pickup address or drag and drop your location on map, or simply click “Pick Me Up Here”
  • Save your favorite places for easier booking next time
  • Fare and time estimates before you book
  • Choose specific options for your trip (vehicle type payment type etc)
  • Booking confirmation pop up
  • Track your taxi on the map to see it moving to your location in real time
  • Trip and receipt history for past rides
  • Rate the driver and comment on your experience
  • Facebook login and share your ride option

N65 Radio App

  • listen to radio in background while using other apps
  • you can listen to FM radio even if you are abroad
  • find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station)
  • the interface is really easy to use, with just one click you can add a radio station or podcast to your favorites list
  • use the search tool to easily find what you're looking for